Engaging communities to become life savers through blood donations

How do you combat a massive national decline in blood donations?
South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, approached Sweb to help them increase the number of blood donors in a time when blood donations are in decline. In our preliminary research we discovered two things.


South Texas Blood & Tissue Center


Digital Marketing


Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad, Email campaigns

1. Donating blood has a high barrier to entry
2. Donors are not coming in because of ineffective messaging

This eventually led us to two key insights that would impact how we marketed to the donor base in South Texas.

Building Relevant Partnerships

We strategically partnered with love brands throughout the city of San Antonio and South Texas such as Alamo Drafthouse, Whataburger, HEB, Walmart, Amazon and more, to find relevant “thank you” gifts for donors. The right partnership, at the right time of year, created a sense of excitement and attracted donors as well as media attention. The campaign strategy generated a dramatic increase in scheduling (750% increase) leading to 28% increase in overall blood donations. Fixed donor rooms grew by 51% in donations.

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Personalization and Simplification

With key partnerships in place we worked with STBTC to make blood donations top of mind. From regionally focused digital ads that tapped into pop culture trends and film, along with strategically planned emails to different types of donors and by blood types, we continuously directed donors and prospects to fixed locations and mobile drives throughout South Texas.

Rather than send out blanket messaging, the message for different age groups, and different blood types was customized in order to communicate directly to what moves them to donate blood. Additionally, we made sure that we made the mobile experience as seamless as possible so they could book their appointments straight from their phone.


In 1 year we increased STBTC’s overall yearly goal by 41% and in the following year we helped increase their overall yearly goal by 25%.

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