The Gratitude Advantage: Building a Positive Business Culture

During the holidays is when we remember about the importance of “gratutude” but the reality is that we should eat and breathe gratitude 24/7 – it is what moves mountains. In the fast-paced world of business, where strategies, innovations, and market trends often take center stage, the simple yet transformative

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San Antonio, We Thank You!

THANK YOU, San Antonio! A week ago today I woke up like every morning at 5:30 am – I went to the gym and I started my Friday at an 8:30 am board meeting at the Witte Museum. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was happy it was

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Small Business Myth Busters

I often compare being a mom to being a leader in a business, it is eerily similar and conceptually the same. As a parent and as a leader you exist to guide, grow, love, recognize, point out and communicate that what is important for the growth of your child or

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When Running A Business Is Like Training For A Triathlon

Almost 20 years ago my husband and I started creating wish lists. It quickly evolved into vision boards – which we religiously make every year on New Year’s Eve. With that, we set our short-term goals and long-term goals and have recently started adding our word of the year. My

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Are Facebook Hashtags Effective?

Again, we’re pondering the age-old question of Facebook hashtag effectiveness. So do they work? To put it simply – yes and no. Facebook hashtags were introduced in 2013, but they haven’t received as much love than they’ve had on other platforms. For instance, hashtags on Twitter are very user-friendly. By

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