Bringing a legacy family restaurant into the 21st century

How do you make a legacy brand relevant to today’s consumer?
Bill Miller approached Sweb to bring them into the digital age. After 65 years of leading in the fast casual dining space with over 80 locations in Texas, Bill Miller wanted to make their legacy brand relevant to today’s consumer as well as keep their current base connected.


Bill Miller BBQ


Digital Marketing, Web Development


Instagram, Facebook and Email



Repositioning the brand

We redesigned their logo to make it current, interesting and fun without losing their iconic cow, pig and chicken characters. Redefining their voice to one that personified Bill Miller, the founder, based on real stories – mixed in with pop-culture and current events to stay relevant.

Bill Miller Updated Logo

Social Media, Email, Digital
Promotions and PR

With their new persona on social media we made it into one of the coolest brands in Texas. From paid social campaigns testing messaging that drove sales to organic social content that engaged the community to connect. From smart digital promotions that wrapped pop culture fads into online specials that broke sales records to content creation that continuously drove customers in droves. From digital PR, local press, regional press and national press like USA Today that would pick up our campaigns and showcase them as national news.


Our goal was to create a digital footprint and move their sales in all 80+ stores, and that is what we did. Sweb proposed a website that lead with personalization, mobile optimization and speed. The content was instrumental to the success of the website, so we started with a complete redesign and re-development of a fully optimized responsive website. Sweb not only rebuilt their calorie calculator but integrated their catering system and made it a seamless experience for users. We have organically grown traffic by 84% in one year.

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