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How do you help an organization support the explosive growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses?
LiftFund has been a long-time partner with Sweb. Over the past 10 years we’ve designed their previous website along with creative work for various marketing campaigns, conventions, and annual reports.




Design & Development






Over the years Liftfund has grown not only physically, opening more locations, but also in what they offer. This required the Sweb team to go back to formula, so to speak, and find ways to streamline the content associated with this growth to better serve their clients and their teams.

Some of these challenges included:


The Sweb team worked very closely with
Liftfund to ensure that the deep thinking required to understand their
user base and what information was accessed was looked over carefully.
Using loan data, Google Analytics, and other quantitative measurements,
the Sweb team was able to find solutions for the challenges encountered.

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