A legacy in helping families manage grief

How do you balance highlighting a legacy of grief support while also featuring services for those that need it most?
The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas struggled with a few things to include content organization, site accessibility, and confusing navigation. The organization truly wanted to stand out from others who might provide similar services, though not as thoroughly or with the track record that the center has established over the year it’s provided support in South Texas.


The Children’s Bereavement Center of South


Design & Development






Some additional challenges that Sweb heavily focused on include:


The Sweb team opted to use a storytelling approach for the new website. The site was designed to take the user on a path of information so they fully understood the many services of the organization through the use of simple line animations, and subtle movements of images and text.

The site was modernized with an attractive design that used a combination of overlay shapes, colors, videos, and images breaking the traditional use of square layouts seen on many websites.

The design is responsive and accommodates different screen sizes on desktop and mobile experiences.

With regards to content the Sweb team was able to organize it and optimize it in such a way that made sense as you explored the many healing opportunities through their organization by doing the following:

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