2013 Mobile Marketing Statistics

Companies with a strong marketing strategy understand that no element of branding exists in a vacuum. Traditional, web, and mobile initiatives must speak in the same brand voice and provide a level of value that ultimately serves the same goal. The methods will be unique, as they should be, but it’s vital to maintain all three with the same vigilant attention any of the other elements of your business receive.

As businesses are investing in mobile app development and marketers are looking for new ways to engage customers and prospects, it’s more important than ever to know where you stand and to measure the impact everything you do. If your company is not able to develop for mobile, perhaps an agency partnership is right for you. No matter the direction you take, keep in mind that mobile is here to stay and the numbers indicate that the explosive growth will continue will into the next decade.

Uberflip recently released a valuable infographic that details some noteworthy stats for mobile marketing in 2013:

“The numbers are startling – the majority of companies admit to not having a mobile strategy, and my guess is that those who think that they have a mobile strategy are misinformed. They think that simply having an app or a mobile-friendly website suffices for a strategy,” says Neil Bhapkar, Uberflip VP of Marketing. “Fortunately brands are starting to get wise with things like responsive design and HTML5 web apps vs. native apps, and marketers are allocating more and more budget to mobile advertising.”

Mobile Marketing Statistics: Infographic Points of Interest

1. 25% of the brands in the world have a mobile strategy…that’s it. The market still has a lot of space for YOUR business!
2. Two-thirds of the apps in the App Store and Google Play have never been downloaded. How will you stand out?
3. By 2014, a projected $3.5 billion will be spent on mobile ads. Is your competition reaching out to your customers? Think about it.


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