YouTube Music App Launches, And It Makes Sense

Content producers on YouTube have seen the network expand its options in the last few months and it’s interesting to see this network flex some muscle in the social space. What started out as a fledgling service to watch cute animal videos, kids falling off skateboards, and people sharing life experiences has grown into a full network of branded content in the form of produced shows for large companies and individual YouTubers. The music industry saw the number of views that videos were getting and how fast the community was growing and soon music videos were placed on the network to much success.

The app is available on iOS and Android and serves as a music discovery app that houses popular content from top artists. Those who are YouTube Red members will get an ad free experience on the YouTube Music app with other premium options such as listening offline and switching between video and audio only.

As an agency that listens to Spotify a lot, this is an interesting move for YouTube, but not shocking. In 2014 the most searched topic was “music.” An app was the right direction to go with almost 40 minutes per session on YouTube in 2014. This new expansion seems like a no brainer for the company. With over 1 billion YouTube users, they have an established base of users that might make the switch from their normal music apps. Only time will tell.

What do you think of this addition to the YouTube family? Will you be making a switch from your music app of choice?

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