What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut – in life, love, and biz

I asked a friend to ask me anything and this is what I got: “What do you do when you are stuck in a rut – in life, love, and business?”. This was a lot deeper and wider than I had expected and to be honest I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that I could quickly identify when I was in a rut and an even harder time thinking about how I had gotten myself out of one.

Recognizing the Rut!

The first piece of this was recognizing WHEN I was in a rut. I think this is tremendously personal – for me being in a rut is actually very tied to feeling complacent. At first when I “reach” a certain goal or a certain something I had wished for –  I feel so satisfied, proud and even ready for retirement  – then this feeling turns into “now what” – and I start going into a spiral of death that “everything always feels the same and nothing ever changes”.

And then I begin to question: Why can’t I be ok with everything being ok? Why is this not enough? Why can’t I just appreciate the present moment? And then I begin to question my initial questions: Why can’t I be ok with wanting something more (in my relationship, in my own growth path, for my business)? Who determines that THIS is it? Why is it that advancement equates to not being present? – Because I am present – I just seek the next step quickly after…

How do I get out of the rut?

I learned from a great speaker I saw recently, that we need to make ourselves continuously intentionally uncomfortable. That triggered something for me, that explained a lot of my personal impulsivity, that ultimately helped me get out of feeling stuck. What is the next thing I’m going to do that is going to help me get to where I want to be as a person, as a mother, as a friend, as a wife, as a boss, as a community leader, etc.

I started goal setting and visualizing years ago. It started out as “wish lists” with my husband (we started this 20 years ago) and later turned into Vision Boards and daily/short term and long term goals. Now they include personal goals, family goals and business goals – they are as simple as drink 64 oz of water a day (which I barely ever reach) to my 10 year goal (set 1.5 years ago so its 8.5 years away now) to build my business with such strong roots that I can move to Spain and have my team grow it, run it  and enjoy it without me!

I am, by nature, highly adaptable but I love to have a plan in my back pocket I can focus on, knowing that I am flexible for when life actually happens. This gives me the ability to know I am always working on something to make our personal lives, love lives, work lives better.

Being a working woman, entrepreneur, sole bread winner, with now teenage kids, lovingly married, with great friends, a successful career, with grand ambitions, tons of stress, massive pressures, emotional roller coaster rides, bad self talk, and mounting college tuition anxiety is not easy… but I wouldn’t change a thing – even when I feel like I’m in a rut.

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