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weekly top 10 tech news April 29, 2016

Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Google Is Creating A Startup Haven

In an effort to retain employees, Google is creating an in-house startup incubator which would allow Google employees to pitch their business ideas, and if selected work on them exclusively for a three-month period.

2. This Is Just How Much Snapchat Dominates With Millennial Users

It’s well-known how popular the video app is among millennials, but a new survey from comScore has the stats to prove it.

3. Facebook Is Starting To Let People Turn Off Live Video Notifications

With the ever growing popularity of Facebook’s Live Video, they’re now making notifications for the videos optional to placate some users who aren’t so keen on knowing every time someone goes live.

4. Periscope Now Lets Users Sketch Over Live Streams

Much like Snapchat allows you to scribble on top of your snaps, Periscope has added a similar feature that allows users to sketch over their video during live scopes.

5. Instagram Could Release Minimalist New Design

Instagram is currently testing a sleeker new black and white design on a small number of users. It is not certain whether this will be a permanent change made available to everyone, but previews of the new look are available online.

6. Amazon In Talks To Create Virtual Reality Content

Amazon is reportedly meeting with virtual reality companies to discuss creating original virtual reality content. Rival company Hulu has already begun offering VR content, and Netflix has an app for watching regular TV shows and movies with a VR headset.

7. Dropbox Will Soon Show All Your Files Locally Without Using Any Disk Space

Dropbox is testing a new feature that will allow users to optionally store files exclusively in the cloud, allowing them to free up space on their hard drives. Files that are not stored locally will still be visible as icons within a computer’s Dropbox folder, and are available to download at any time.

8. Minecraft Enters Virtual Reality On Samsung’s Gear VR Headset

VR is predicted to grow into a $40 billion industry by 2020, and household names like Minecraft are potentially the brands to take it there. Minecraft is now available in the Oculus Store for $7 and players can totally immerse themselves in the world for a whole new experience of the game.

9. Facebook Is Developing A Standalone Camera App

More and more people are using Facebook as passive participants, simply scrolling through feeds and occasionally liking content. In an effort to encourage more people to post their own photos and videos more often, Facebook is developing a standalone camera app that would allow users to initiate Live videos and take and post photos directly within Facebook.

10. Apple’s First CareKit Apps Are Here

Apple’s CareKit is an open source framework that allows developers to create apps that help users manage medical conditions. The first apps using the code are now available and address diabetes, reproductive health, and medication management for people with depression.

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