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Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 tech news stories for this week:

1. Final 2017 Emoji List

For the emoji lovers reading, you’ll be excited to hear that the new 2017 emojis have been announced and will be coming to a phone near you this June.

2. Google Launches New Site To Showcase Its Open Source Projects And Processes

Google has launched a new site, aptly named Google Open Source, which brings all the companies open source projects together in one place. In addition, they’ve published a number of documents which pulls back the curtain on their internal open source processes.

3. Facebook Launches Stories In The Main Facebook App

You’ve likely already seen it by now, but Facebook has launched Stories directly within the main mobile app. Facebook works just like Instagram Stories–and Snapchat Stories–and even has its own filters and masks. And Facebook surely has more tricks up its sleeve for making Stories even bigger and better.

4. Apple Is Finally Letting Developers Respond To iOS App Reviews

Developers now have the ability to respond directly to customer reviews through the iTunes connect dashboard. Developer replies are apparently sent through an approval process before they’re published, and there are some limitations to how often developers can request changes to reviews and ratings.

5. Twitter Will Start Selling Pre-Roll Ads Ahead Of Periscope Videos

After failing to meet revenue estimates on Wall Street last quarter, Twitter is in need of advertising revenue. As a result, it is launching pre-roll video ads in front of livestreaming content created by existing ad partners.

6. Facebook Tests A Second News Feed Headed By A Rocket Ship Icon

Although the big Facebook news of the week is the addition of Stories, some users have seen a new feature popping up within their app. The rocket ship icon opens up an alternate newsfeed with posts, articles, and other content from sources you haven’t followed. This is likely part of Facebook’s efforts to get people out of their news bubbles which only shows users what they want to see–and can lead to a lack of knowledge on other perspectives.

7. Apple iOS 10.3: Should You Upgrade?

Some of the best update features include the ability to use Find My iPhone to find your AirPods, using Siri to pay and check on bills as well as booking rideshare services, and the new Apple File System.

8. Apple Now Rejects App Store Submissions When The Name Includes The Price

Apple will no longer allow developers to submit apps with prices listed in their app titles–including the word “free.”

9. Pinterest Sets Focus On Small Businesses To ‘Propel’ Revenue Growth

Pinterest is putting its sites on reach out to small and mid-size businesses for advertising opportunities. It revealed a new program earlier this week called Pinterest Propel. The program provides services for businesses that aren’t already familiar with how advertising on Pinterest works. Although smaller companies aren’t a big source of ad revenue individually, as a collective they’ve proved quite lucrative for ad giants like Google and Facebook. Services include extra education and support, along with the option to have Pinterest design some of the ads for small business users.

10. Facebook Opens Up 360-Degree Live Streaming To All

If you’ve got the right equipment, you can now stream in 360 for free on Facebook. 360 livestreams can’t be viewed on AppleTV or Chromecast quite yet, but using this new feature is bound to put your live video a step ahead of the rest.

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