Weekly Top 10 Tech

1. Facebook relaunches Events app as Facebook Local, adds bars and food 

Facebook is ready to help you find your weekend plans! From bars to food to nearby attractions, will it be time to say goodbye to Yelp?

2. Instagram thinks you might want to follow hashtags just like you do people


3. Amazon pop-up shops to open in Whole Foods Stores

4. Apple Finally Fixes I Autocorrect issue

5. Twitter Bumps Display Name Length Up To 50 Characters

6. Tinder promises features that ‘blur lines’ between physical and digital dating
Are you looking for love in the digital age? Tinder has been a fan-favorite for matching couples in today’s computerized, fast-paced world, and now they are promising and even better dating experience. You won’t just be swiping your thumbs anymore, but instead you will experience “a rich dynamic content experience bringing you deep into the activities of the people you’ve already matched with” thanks to AI technology.

7. Instagram Tips for the Photo Obsessed
You don’t actually have to be ‘photo obsessed,’ to appreciate these Instagram tips. From taking a boomerang, to using going Live, here are some new things to try out for a rich Instagram experience.

8. Sorry, PowerPoint: The slide deck of the future will be in AR
PREZI has always been a great presentation tool – steering far away from the traditional bulleted lists on a typical slide. It is now going a step further, and making use of augmented reality. telling your story with AR is sure to keep your audience awake.

9. More Than 1 Million People Downloaded a Fake WhatsApp Android App

For those who use the Google Play Store, beware! There have been a number of fraudulent apps taking the name and appearance of popular apps to steal information and generate ad revenue. WhatsApp is a recent victim, with a fake app under the name “Update WhatsApp Messenger” that looks completely legitimate.

10. Facebook makes it easier to donate in times of crisis
It’s great when social media makes moves to help the world. Facebook has done just that with a donate button specific to crises. You’ll be able visit the Facebook Crises Response Hub and see the donate button. No fees will be charged for this service.

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