Weekly Top 10 Tech News


Weekly Top 10 Tech News

Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Twitter Adds Periscope Button to iOS, Android Apps
Twitter reminded its users that Facebook Live is far from the only live-video streaming option, adding a Periscope button to its iOS and Android applications.

2. Why Interactive Content Matters and How to Get Started Today
It shouldn’t be surprising that something interactive (which is literally a synonym for engaging) is more promising than something static, especially when it comes to brand and publisher marketing.

3. Blogging Isn’t Dead
What might be dead is the act of visiting a specific website for a specific blog post, unless you got there via Google search. People don’t eagerly work through their RSS readers (except the die hards). People are subscribing less and less to blogs outright.

4. 4 Ways YouTube Can Improve Your Blog’s Performance
Successful bloggers make it big only when they use all their available resources to enhance their blog. The internet offers plenty of tools that can be harnessed to improve conversions and increase readership.

5. It’s a ‘grave mistake’ to neglect Snapchat: Gary Vaynerchuk
“If I’m a company and my target demographic is 21 and under, I would spend every marketing penny on Instagram (FB), Snapchat and Musical.ly right now. It would be a grave mistake to neglect them.”

6. Facebook Announces Plan to Monitor Your Mental Health
The feature consists of a drop-down menu that allows you to flag posts that hint someone may be considering suicide or self-harm.

7. Twitter Invests In SoundCloud, But Why?
Twitter has made an investment in SoundCloud for a reported $70 million and if you’ve been following the story between the companies, you have to ask yourself “Why now?”

8. Why Microsoft Buying LinkedIn For $26B Is A Smart Move
Microsoft’s announced plan to acquire LinkedIn for a heaping $26.2 billion gives the tech giant access to tons of data about LinkedIn’s 433 million users—and a spate of professional tools such as its recruitment technology.

9. 4 Ways Apple’s WWDC Affects Mobile Apps
There were still many announcements that had us sitting upright in our seats during the live feed. Here are the 4 ways Apple’s WWDC announcements will affect mobile apps in the near future.

10. Snapchat Partners With Oracle to Show Its Ads Work
This time last year, Snapchat was the hot new thing in social-media advertising — except that brands couldn’t tell if the promotions actually worked.

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