Twitter Tools to Grow and Monitor Your Audience

There’s a lot of talk about how to grow your Twitter following. Even if you have thousands of followers, how invested are you in each other? Tighter, more qualified networks are the way to go, and exploring networks to find others who you can connect with is all part of the social experience. This rule applies for all networks, no matter where you’re engaged on Facebook, sharing videos on Youtube, or telling stories visually on Pinterest. Think about your personal circle of close friends, versus your entire network of acquaintances, extended family, etc. Which group is more likely to get your attention?

Having the right tools and knowing what you want is the key. Just like you would ask key questions when developing a mobile app, or designing a website, you have to have a plan for your social presence.

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Some useful twitter tools that we have a hunch you’ll appreciate:

Crowdbooster – This pulls the top fans and retweeters for Twitter, but it also pulls up Facebook fans as well. It’s a great tool to see who in your community “loves you the most,” so you can “reciprocate the love,” according to their website. – “This is by far my favorite of the new tools that I’m using,” says Luis, our social media manager. Not only does it tell you who your top “engagers” are daily and weekly, but it also tells you who you should be following by giving you a list of “recommenders.” You can search for specific profiles to see your interactions with a particular profile. Dig in and give it a try; we think you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Rapportive – This Gmail add-on continues the conversation even if you can’t look at your social networks directly. The data that Rapportive pulls in includes photo, job info, social profiles and more. It’s a handy tool to see the social profiles of those who email you and follow/add/friend them with just a click!

Socialbro – A great tool for tracking followers and movement on your Twitter account, but the real gem is the ability to analyze your competitor’s accounts. You can easily identify key individual people to follow with the simple tick of a box and strategically build your audience. Socialbro is easy to use and even has a Google Chrome extension for quick access and analysis.

Some of the options mentioned above have limited features for free users, but almost all offer a free trial of some sort to decide of these tools are right for you. Many offer subscription plans so you can use them as long as you find them helpful.

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