State of Social Media In 2015

Social media has gone from becoming a tool for marketers to becoming a necessity for brands. In our experience, it’s mobile that is driving the demand for valuable content, connection, and action. Whether it’s sharing a piece of educational information, highlighting a new product, or drawing attention to a cause, mobile has dominated our social media efforts, and its a trend that is happening to brands across all industries. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, all of them are becoming staples in our everyday lives, recording, documenting, commenting, and sharing. It’s the new currency for trust and understanding. It’s important that brands see the value and stake their claim because the world of mobile and social are merging faster than we realize.

What It Takes

We work with a lot of great clients, and one thing we hear often is how difficult it can be to manage social profiles on a daily basis, because that is what social requires, daily management. Whether you’re engaging, posting, or researching, it’s vital that brands with marketing departments remain on top of trends, pop culture, internet memes, and such and define how digital events play a role in their marketing efforts. We saw a great example of this at the top of the year when Oreo took advantage of the lights going out at the SuperBowl. Their timely post at that very moment was the pinnacle of real time marketing, addressing an event that millions around the United States were a part of. While not all brands can replicate that idea of real time marketing, an effort needs to be made, and more often than not, it may require the help of an outside agency to bolster that type of support.

It’s time to expand your brand’s message, see the landscape for what it is, but also understand that it’s changing all the time. How has your brand been able to adjust, and are these new social platforms a fit for what you do and how you share your message. Below is a video that clearly outlines social media in 2015 and we’re all looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

State of Social Media in 2015

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