Promote Facebook Events Via Subscription

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve been invited to a number of events. Birthday parties, social gatherings, mixers, professional workshops, and more, are all created on Facebook via the events option. Have you ever missed an event that was posted online? Even regular users are going to miss these opportunities from brands that are followed. Luckily Facebook knows this pain all too well and wants to ensure that you’re receiving the necessary event information when it’s posted. This is where Facebook’s event subscription comes into play.

How Event Subscription Works

If you’re a brand that regularly hosts events, the subscription option for users is a sure fire way to ensure that they are always notified when you post up your next event. It serves as a great promotion and notification tool. When a user subscribes it eliminates the need to invite them.

This approach is a highly sought after addition for marketers who host a lot of events throughout the year. Now marketers can simply direct their community to subscribe directly and always remain in-the-know.

How to Subscribe:
1. Go to your favorite brand page (
2. Click on “Events” directly underneath the cover photo. In some cases the “Events” will be listed under the “More” tab, so click on the dropdown menu and click.
3. On the “Events” page you’ll see a subscribe button on the right side beneath the cover photo.

Subscribing to Facebook events

It’s that simple! Encourage your community to start subscribing and ensure that your regulars never miss an opportunity to connect with you.

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