Is Pinterest Marketing Good For Your Business?

Think about all the times someone has tried to teach you something or explain something to you. Wasn’t it easier to learn if your instructor drew a diagram? People learn and retain information better when auditory or written language is accompanied by charts, graphs, or photos. That’s why it’s no surprise that visual social media networks are on the rise. Video has been the long time champion for social networks, and the popularity of sites like YouTube has remained steady.

Within the last two years, darling social network Pinterest has taken the online world by storm. A site dedicated to visual storytelling, Pinterest marketing presents an opportunity to share your business’s story, as well as share other images that speak to your employees, organizational culture, and brand. Still, like we tell all of our clients: with social media, one size does not fit all.

For companies already stretched to the limit managing your existing channels, adopting a new network probably isn’t the right move. For others, it’s a question of whether you have a story that could be told in images, and whether people would find that valuable.

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We love the way these top brands have made Pinterest work for them:


Whether or not you like their food, McDonald’s does a great job of documenting their past, present, and even giving insight into the future of the company. Even the brand’s mascots have their own Pinterest boards. Mayor McCheese, anyone?

The Today Show

With a whopping 34 boards on Pinterest, nothing gets by them! Not only do The Today Show boards include the news covered on the show, they also include photos of personnel, employees’ favorite foods and drinks, and behind-the-scenes shots from when anchors and guests think the cameras aren’t rolling.

Southwest Airlines

You may think there’s not a lot that’s visually interesting about planes and ticket purchases, but Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond by integrating photos of their fans and fan submissions, sharing useful travel tips that anyone can use, inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes shots of their employees, and vintage shots of the airline’s launch and growth over time.


So, is Pinterest marketing a good fit for you?


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