How Many Google Services Are In the Graveyard?

If you’re a fan of RSS readers, chances are you were a Google Reader user. Today marks the end of Google Reader. Prior to this fateful day, blogs and tech news agencies across the net were sharing alternatives, ways to back up your data, and providing tips so that you wouldn’t miss a beat. While there’s a great many options for you to choose from (like AOL Reader – seriously), Google Reader itself will be missed.

Google Reader is not the first to be axed by the tech company. There’s a long list of services that Google has sent to the graveyard. Some have been forgotten over time, others, like Google Reader, had ardent supporters (like Allyson, who is still in denial) but were shut down despite protests. Here is a look at the many services Google has cut. Leaves us wondering what’s next on the chopping block…

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Google Graveyard Featured Image

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