Google Glass… Yea or nay?

Remember the woman who got pulled over wearing Google Glass? Her court date was last week. (We’re waiting to hear how it turned out.)

While we’re well aware of the tremendous controversy (just take a look at what PC had to say about the tech spectacles) surrounding the new, innovative tool from Google, we gotta be honest: we kind of love Google Glass.

For us business folks who travel a lot and may need to GoogleMap a meeting place or conference center, the process is a breeze, and we never have to take our eyes off the road while we’re driving. Or there’s the fact that you can take photos or shoot video, hands-free, and by voice command. Plus, say goodbye to texting and driving: Glass allows you to send texts or make calls or create event reminders by simple voice command. It’s pretty awesome.


The convenience and safety pluses of Google Glass make it one of our favorite gadgets of 2013-2014. And we’re sure that with the coming years, it’ll only get better.

In the meantime, Mashable has something new to say about Glass, and you gamers out there will appreciate it.

“The mini-games take advantage of Google Glass’ voice recognition software and sensors, so you can fire weapons with your voice, slice with your hands or tilt your head back to maintain balance.

“Each game is visually simple and straightforward to play,” the company said in an official blog post. “We intentionally wanted games that are quick to get into when you have a few, free minutes and just as easy to get out of when you want to turn your attention back to reality.”


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