Friday Top 10 Tech

Friday Top 10 Tech March 11, 2016

Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Friday Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Facebook Acquires Video Filter App MSQRD To Square Up To Snapchat

Similar to Snapchat’s buyout of Looksery which allows users to add quirky filters to their selfies, Facebook has bought the popular app Masquerade (MSQRD for short) which has the same capabilities for video. This comes after Facebook’s failed attempt to buy Snapchat. It’s uncertain when Facebook will integrate MSQRD into its own apps, but it’s still available for download separately in the app store–even Zuckerburg himself gave it a test run–as Iron Man.

2. Google Opens Project Fi Mobile Network To Everyone In The U.S.

Previously an invite-only service, Google is opening Project Fi to everyone across the U.S., allowing users to make phone calls and send texts using Wi-Fi connection only. Although it has an incredibly affordable pricing structure, use is limited to select tablets and Nexus phones only.

3. F.C.C. Fine-Tunes Plan To Subsidize Internet Access

Personal internet access has long been available only to those who could afford the costly monthly fees. The F.C.C. aims to change this with a new proposal that would allow low-income households to purchase subsidized services.

4. Google Offers New Ways To Plan Your Vacation While On The Go

Google has updated its search engine to allow users to view flight and hotel prices to their destination of choice directly within search results. The change is geared especially at making mobile travel planning easier, and it will even offer itinerary ideas based on your favorite activities.

5. Study Shows Changing Passwords Often Actually Makes Your Site Less Secure

Think changing your password every month makes your site more secure? You thought wrong. Recent research shows that people tend to get lazy when changing passwords frequently, using an iteration of previous passwords, making them easier for hackers to guess. Your best bet? Use a password saving program to save nonsensical passwords.

6. Apple’s New iPhone Hardware Has A Flexible Future

Although a flexible iPhone isn’t on the docket for the foreseeable future, recent patents awarded to Apple show plans for exploring bendable tech. We’re all for gadgets that bounce instead of breaking when you drop them!

7. Cola Launches Its App For Smarter, More Interactive Text Messages

The new app allows users to send multi-choice text “bubbles” to make scheduling meetings and other plans more streamlined. The best part? You can send the bubbles to non-app users, too.

8. 7 Google Changes That Will Make Or Break Your SEO

Google changes its algorithm a whopping 600 times each year, and that number grows annually. Although most of the changes are usually minor, there are frequently large ones website owners want to pay attention to. Here are 7 of those recent changes you’ll want to heed.

9. Apple Has Shut Down The First Fully-Functional Mac OS X Ransomware

This isn’t the first time Mac users have been susceptible to malware, but previous attempts were incomplete when discovered. Apple has shut down the new ransomware and has made updates to prevent future attacks.

10. New York Judge Rules Feds Can’t Force Apple To Unlock An iPhone

Although the case in question is not San Bernardino, it still addresses the All Writs Act which the government was using to assert its claim that Apple should unlock a phone used by the gunman. This ruling will likely only help Apple’s defense.

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