Facebook Simplifying Mobile Purchases, Becoming a Social Business, and New iPhone Rumors

Facebook Simplifying Mobile Purchases, Becoming a Social Business, and New iPhone Rumors featured image

Like many of us, you probably just catch everything in your Twitter stream, or Facebook wall, or a feed of your favorite blog posts. Our goal weekly is to share some of the top stories we think you should be reading. The stories will focus on web, mobile and social marketing topics, and hopefully guide you, educate you, and perhaps inspire you to do something new with your business.

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Facebook to Test Its Own PayPal Competitor in Bid to Simplify Mobile Purchases

PayPal has long been a dominant force in digital payments. Its popularity has carried over into the mobile space and even strong competitors like Square have not been able to upset its footing in the industry. But recently, it seems like Facebook could be entering the arena with its own competitor to the long standing champion, PayPal. Facebook benefits from a a large user base which could instantly give this new mobile purchasing platform the traction that other startups lack. With the amount of content shared both on Facebook profile pages and Facebook business pages, the ability to make purchases straight from the app would be a huge win for the social network.

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3 Reasons to Become A Social Business

With social networks and content creation being so highly valued in today’s business setting, it’s vital for businesses to transition into social businesses. The benefits of socially connecting with customers, supporters, fan, even detractors, is the idea of an open conversation where you can tell the story of not just your product/service, but the story of your customers. It’s a platform to share valuable information and increase the digital merit of your brand. If your business isn’t social, you’re behind!

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Apple Unveiling the Next iPhone On September 10

Word on the street is that Apple will unveil the latest iteration of the iPhone in September. Eee! Apple has been hard pressed to be innovative with many feeling their last few “big announcements” have been lackluster. As developers of mobile applications, we’re anxious to see what this new iPhone will mean to the industry and the space, but until Apple releases any official statement, the rumors continue.

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How to Build an Effective B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for a new way to reach the B2B market, it’s time to enter the mobile marketing space. Mobile marketing should be on your radar as an opportunity to reach people where they are spending more and more of their time. The article shared here gives great insight on starting that process and establishing something that will best fit your business.

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9 Tools to Help You Measure Mobile Analytics

Any marketing effort that your company undertakes should be paired with a measuring and analysis phase to review if the efforts are paying off. Measuring your mobile analytics will help you determine if you should move forward or pull back and head a different direction. The process is going to be different for every business, but this article provides you nine key tools to make measuring those analytics easier.

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7 Ways to Use Google Trends to Punch Up Your Content Creation

Content creation can be overwhelming for the person or team creating content and then marketing those pieces across the net. Much like any other creative endeavor, it’s not unusual to hit a creative block that prevents any attempt at idea generation or innovation. While there’s plenty of inspiration around for new ideas, this article shares how Google Trends can be used to get you back on track. Since Google Trends has the pulse of what Google is ranking as the hottest topics at the time, content creators benefit from jumping on the trend while it has momentum.

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