Facebook Lead Ads Will Simplify Forms

How many times have you been on your mobile, found something you love on Facebook, and click on the link only to be shown a form that needs to be filled out. The frustrating of zooming, pinching, and sliding left and right forces many users to abandon their attempts. Getting users to opt-in can be a tough call to action for brands without a properly, well designed, form that makes it easy for users.

Facebook has just recently stepped into this arena with the announcement of Facebook Lead Ads, which are currently being tested. Now users can opt-in with just a few clicks on their mobile. How does this work? Well, chances are you placed some information on your Facebook profile and this is what the Lead Ads will look for. It will auto-populate the fields with the info you gave to Facebook and you click submit. It’s that simple. Now users can sign-up for newsletters, appointments, ask for call-backs, etc. This is going to be HUGE for mobile!

What types of information auto-fills currently?

Full Name
Street Address
Company Name
Job Title

Now you may not need all of this information, but it’s good to know what can be submitted.

Are you excited? I know we are. Now we can say goodbye to landing pages and focus on keeping a seamless user experience within Facebook.

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