Facebook Insights Gets An Update

Facebook has evolved over the past five years, in some cases with multiple updates in a given year. Facebook has worked hard to find a balance between providing an optimal experience for the community, while finding ways for businesses to achieve success in building communities, sharing unique content, and offering a variety of advertising formats to share their message.

The most recent changes on Facebook include, changes in cost per click measurement, simplifying forms with two clicks, and allowing fans of a page to subscribe to events for a specific brand.

If you’re an administrator on a Facebook page, you have likely seen the latest update on your Facebook posts. A new option has been added, for Facebook Insights, to provide more specific metrics for each of the posts on the timeline. You can immediately see insights for your post, allowing you to identify immediately how a post is doing, which are successful, and which have not gotten enough exposure. For advertisers it’s a great way to identify, at-a-glance, which posts to promote.

When you click on View Insights, admins will be able to see data on the number of people reached by the post, post clicks, and the reach compared to the average reach of others posts on your timeline. While not the in-depth analytics dive that advertisers might be seeking, it serves as a great at-a-glance approach to finding balance with your social media efforts.

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