Apple (link no longer available), The Verge, and Fast Company have all praised FiftyThree for their innovative (and friggin’ cool) app called “Paper“. And we love it.

They’ve also developed something called “Pencil” and “Book” — all of which are super awesome, and are definitely worth a Google hit and then a mosey on over to their shop, if you’re so inclined.

This app has been all over the news, iTunes, and tech mags since 2012. It’s not new news, per se.

And yet, somehow, Facebook missed the headlines.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Facebook’s new app, also called “Paper”, hit the iPad app stores today. And everyone seems to be just a bit confused as to how this overlap happened. Was it an honest mistake because of inadequate research? Or has Facebook become too big for their Internet breeches, throwing copyright caution to the wind?


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