Digital Content Consumption Explodes

It’s never been more important to have a mobile presence than it is today. Accessibility is key, no matter what type of brand you are. As more and more people are using mobile tools, tablets and smartphones, the more important it is to consider what your audience is looking for, and what digital content matters most to them.

Digital content consumption is such that it’s not just happening behind a desk. Instead, content is being consumed while standing in line, sitting on the couch, waiting for a meeting, or on the go while running errands. Whether, it’s text, video, photos, or audio, consider how your content is displayed on your site and shared on social. Make it easy for your audience…it’s that simple.

The infographic below on digital consumption aligns with some of what we’ve seen with the various clients we’ve worked with. It’s not surprising to see the rapid increase, what is surprising is the number of businesses that are not ready for this surge in mobile audiences.

Digital Content Consumption

Digital Media Consumption, Statistics And Trends

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