Client Spotlight: Joyner + Joyner Law Firm Launches New Website


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  • Website
  • Social media

Joyner + Joyner needed a strategic digital overhaul that clearly demonstrated their excellence in client service, both on web and social media. Sweb was tasked with aligning their digital presence to bring their expertise, the convenience of their services, and their accessibility to the forefront. With a new look, tone, and feel, a responsive website, and a refresh of their social media channels along with ongoing management, we helped Joyner + Joyner establish their new message: Results Driven. Client Focused.

The Message For The Joyner+Joyner Website

Our team worked with the Joyners to come up with a strong message and theme that the website and social efforts could enhance. Through multiple conversations it became evident that Joyner+Joyner makes it as easy as possible for their clients to get results. Their attentiveness to their clients was also evident in the way they discussed their accessibility and response times. This helped shape the core values that they wanted to include in the messaging for their website and marketing efforts. The “Results Driven. Client Focused,” message is clear, succinct, and embodies what Joyner+Joyner is about. With this we are were able to plan both for a modern, responsive website as well as a social media marketing plan.

The Challenge for Joyner+Joyner

Their previous site had some great SEO, but there was nothing aesthetically pleasing about the site or strategic in terms of what they wanted their audience to do once they arrived. Neither the design nor the message really brought to the forefront why they are the best. The users would get frustrated when trying to interact with the page, especially on mobile. That is where our team’s design and development expertise came in. Too often, end users are not considered when it comes to UI and UX, instead the focus is on exactly what the client has asked for, whether it’s a good idea or not. Joyner+Joyner appreciated our thoughtful insights both on the design of the site and the development, which accounts for both desktop, mobile, and Spanish language for each experience.

A Social Solution

With clear messaging and a responsive site that offers clear calls to action, the team was able to focus on their social media presence. They did not want to be like other law firms, and instead wanted to focus on useful information, trending designs, and highlight the multitude of services they provide, not just in San Antonio, but across Texas. We are working closely with their team to focus on testimonials, original creative designs to highlight services, statistics, and related content, a digital ad buy focused on a number of demographic variables, and community management support.

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