Is Your Business’s Website Mobile-Ready?

How much time do you spend each day searching for information on your mobile device? Ever find yourself frustrated by a website with no mobile component, or worse, very limited mobile functionality? Forty-six percent of consumers will NOT return to a mobile website that is difficult to navigate. Looking at a towering mountain of devices and a fast-growing market of users, it’s easy to see that a mobile website is no longer just nice to have, it’s necessary.

We recently published an article discussing the differences between desktop and mobile design to highlight the need for a mobile presence. As ninja jedi guru rockstars in the digital arena, we want to help other businesses find their footing. When you decide to work with a digital agency (hopefully it’ll be us – we’re awesome), ask the right questions and make the proper plans for tackling the mobile market.

We like infographics, because nobody wants to read reports. (That’s a fact. You can read the full report here.) Lucky for you, we took tons of awesome data and turned it into the beautiful infographic below.

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Is Your Business's Website Mobilie-Ready

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