When Collaborating With A Digital Agency Makes Sense

Every day we struggle with limited time constraints. Sure, we all wish we could accomplish 1.5 million tasks in a day, but there’s only one Mary Poppins or Beyoncé. We can’t do it all. There are 24 hours in a day and 8 to 9 of those hours are spent at the office. Does your digital marketing strategy reflect those hours of office time?

Thinking of hiring a social media coordinator on staff? It might be more complicated than you think. What we usually encounter is a job description that reads like this:

Social Media Coordinator: We are looking for a social media coordinator for the company – they need to design, film, edit, photograph, write copy, edit, manage the community, build a content strategy, place ads, keep up with trends, set and meet goals as well as figure out why none of the tactics are working towards what your end goal actually is.

I always get the question: why would we go with you vs getting someone on our team?

My answer is the following: If you were to build a house… I hope your architect is not your engineer, your plumber, your electrician, your roofer, your cabinet maker, and your gardener. I would like to think that a team of specialists is building your house – not a single person. This is the same for digital marketing.

Questions to think about while you are creating your goals and strategies:

  1. What does your strategy look like?
  2. Is it aligned with your goal? (Yes ONLY ONE GOAL)
  3. Are your tactics aligned to your strategy and is it moving the needle in the right direction?
  4. How is it being measured?
  5. Is your message standing out?
  6. Is your strategy (not your tactics) unique?

Are you taking into account that many others are also doing the same thing?
How could you – when you are taking photos, writing copy, editing film, answering a post, placing an ad and thinking of what comes next?

Conclusion: Yes, you do need a strategic, outside the box, problem-solving, creative, goal-oriented team to help you with your digital efforts.

This is the only way you’ll be able to cross the finish line and meet that goal. Remember – collaboration is everything.


We’re always looking to collaborate on projects big and small. If you need a team of creative and strategic thinkers for your next project, let us know, we’d love to help out!

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