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weekly top 10 tech news April 15, 2016

Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Facebook is Now Showing People Weather Forecasts

Although the new feature isn’t appearing to all users yet, Facebook has begun showing the weather at the top of user feeds when they start their day, with the option of seeing a more detailed weather forecast when you click through.

2. Google Lets You Control Your Phone with Your Voice 

Google has launched a new accessibility app, Voice Access, which allows users to control their phone using a variety of voice commands. The app is currently only available for Android users.

3. Facebook Messenger Can Now Send and Preview Dropbox Files

Along with a number of new features under Facebook Messenger’s extention tab, you can now send images and documents directly from your Dropbox account. Although anyone you send text files will have to open them up in Dropbox itself, images and videos will appear directly in Messenger.

4. Vine’s New ‘Watch’ Feature Makes it Less Loopy

Vine’s new feature lets you sit back and watch the entire story on anyone’s profile, rather than staying in a continual loop on individual videos. You can still watch videos on loop if you prefer, just hold your thumb down to watch that funny cat video over and over.

5. Snapchat Augments Reality with 3D Stickers

Snapchat’s new 3D stickers are a fun way to pin objects to any part of your video, and are an effort to increase the fun and creativity which its mostly teenage user base constantly craves.

6. Amazon is Creating a New TV Show Based on Bob Dylan Songs

After winning at the Golden Globes for its original series Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, Amazon has announced a new original series based on the lyrics of Bob Dylan songs called Time Out of Mind.

7. Instagram’s Video Channels Make it Easier to Find New Footage

After increasing its video length limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, Instagram is now including featured videos under the explore tab to make video more prominent for all users.

8. The 5 Biggest Things Facebook Announced This Week

Among the big announcements this week are Messenger bots, a 360-degree camera, and social virtual reality.

9. Google is Launching a New Livestreaming App to Compete with Facebook and Twitter

In an effort to compete with Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, Google is prepping to launch its own live streaming app called YouTube Connect. The livestreams will be viewable in both the mobile app and the native YouTube site.

10. Squarespace Now Offers Domain Registration Starting at $20 a Year

Squarespace is now giving users the option to purchase their domain directly through them before designing their website. Users can also connect their domain to Google Apps for a custom email and it will soon offer SSL certificates and domain transfers for free.

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