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Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:


1. New Instagram Business Tools Coming Soon

Much like Facebook Pages for businesses, Instagram will soon be allowing businesses to create a business account, enabling features like insights and promotions. This new feature will allow users to contact business profiles via call, text, or email through a contact button within the profile, and will give marketers some long awaited insight into their Instagram customer base.

2. Superfly – Live Video With Friends

There is a new live-streaming app on the scene, but instead of broadcasting to anyone and everyone, this one’s reserved just for friends, allowing them to chime in with their own live video response as well as commenting.

3. Google Now Helps You Find Your Lost iPhone Too

Last year Google updated Android phones with the ability to locate your lost phone through Google search, and it is now extending that capability to iOS devices. The feature can be accessed through the Google My Account section, where you can locate, lock, and even wipe your lost device.

4. Facebook Will Start Scanning 10,000 Posts A Second To Make Comments Less Terrible

Facebook has created new AI software, dubbed Deep Text, which will rapidly scan comments, bringing the cream of the crop to the top under the posts you see. The idea is to bring the most relevant and engaging comments to the surface. The same AI will find its way to improving your Messenger chatbot experience soon as well.

5. 72 New Emojis On Their Way

Unicode has officially approved its annual addition of emojis. New emojis will include a selfie, facepalm, bacon, and avocado. And although the new emoji library will be rolling out this month, most companies won’t have them readily available until they update their mobile software. New versions of Android and iOS are due out this fall, so it’ll be a while before you can put an avocado on it.

6. A Whole New Emoji World For Facebook Messenger

And if you can’t get enough of emojis, Facebook is launching over 1,500 of its own emojis for use inside the Messenger app. Along with the diversity this new set exhibits, the Messenger emojis will now translate across all mobile platforms without changing their appearance.

7. Periscope Will Ask ‘Flash Juries’ of Viewers to Moderate Harassing Comments

In an effort to reduce spam and harassment on the Twitter-owned live-streaming app, Periscope is now allowing users to mark live comments as spam or abusive. But instead of the possibility of one person having control over that decision, Periscope will randomly select viewers of the same video to mark whether they agree with the verdict. If so, the negative commenter will receive a time out and potentially be completely disabled from commenting during the video.

8. Twitter joins the 360-degree video party

Twitter has joined Facebook and YouTube, now offering support for 360-degree video. You can click and drag through the videos on both desktop and mobile.

9. Photoshop Unveils Content-Aware Cropping

Photoshop is introducing a new feature designers are sure to love: a content-aware photo cropping tool that allows you to keep desired objects in photos, filling in the blank spaces with computer-generated content. No more need to sacrifice a good photo to bad cropping!

10. More People Reportedly Use Snapchat Than Twitter Every Day

It’s official. Snapchat has surpassed Twitter by 10 million, with a total of 150 million daily users. Great news for Snapchat, not so great for Twitter, which has been declining in users recently.

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