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Weekly top tech newsStay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Google Announces Newest Android Operating Sysytem

Google has always named its Android operating systems after sweets like Cupcake and Marshmallow, and the latest one, Nougat, is no exception. Nougat’s top features include multi-window support, better battery efficiency, and the ability to reply to messages directly within the notification.

2. Facebook Just Killed The Most Beautiful App That Nobody Used

Facebook is ending the news curation app, Paper, which launched in February 2014. Paper was intended to be a more visually appealing version of your Facebook newsfeed, but the app never fully caught on and will no longer work after July 29th.

3. Snapchat Creates New Memories Feature

The popular video app renowned for its disappearing posts just revealed a new feature called Memories this week. Memories acts as a Dropbox-like folder within your Snapchat account, allowing you to save any photo or video directly in the app. Saved snaps can be later shared in direct messages to friends or added to future story feeds. The new feature also uses image recognition technology to make find old photos quick and simple.

4. The Next iPhone Update Will Help You Save Lives

The new iOS 10 due to launch this fall will allow users to register as organ donors within Apple’s built-in Health app. The sign up process just takes a few taps and will send your information directly to the national Donate Life registry.

5. iOS 10 Launches In Public Beta

Although the new iOS system won’t officially launch until the fall, Apple has opened up the beta version to the public, letting anyone with an iPhone take a look at the newest features. New iOS systems are known to be buggy, so users should be sure to backup all their information before downloading the beta version.

6. Audible Creates New Audio Content Subscription Service Called Channels

Unlike it’s main audiobook service, Audible has just launched Channels, which offers bite-sized content from original content producers. Although they are focusing away from naming the content as podcasts, it is not completely unlike them.

7. Google’s Now On Tap Can Translate Any Text On Your Android Screen

Google’s Now On Tap feature for Android can now translate any text on your screen from using an app, to reading a pdf, to browsing the internet. The new feature works with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

8. How Wearing A Smartwatch Can Help Hackers Steal Your ATM PIN

A recent study shows that if you wear your smartwatch when entering your PIN at the ATM, hackers can then use the sensors that track your hand movements and potentially crack your PIN number if they gain access the sensor data from your device. Their recommendation? Take off your wearables before you enter your PIN.

9. Yahoo Brings Its News, Weather, Monkey, And Finance Bots To Facebook Messenger

After launching their bots on Kik, Yahoo is now launching them within Facebook Messenger. By entering the Facebook bot market, Yahoo hopes to gain exposure for its more popular services like Yahoo News, Weather, and Finance.

10. Apple Releases 4 iMessage Apps Ahead Of iOS 10

In anticipation of the full launch of iOS 10 this fall, Apple has released four animated sticker packs that integrate with the upcoming version of iMessage. It is anticipated that there will be numerous sticker packs developed in addition to Apples own releases.

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