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Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Google’s Grand Ads Signal It’s Taking On The iPhone Directly

Google is gearing up for a big announcement at its upcoming October 4th event. It’s speculated that Google will be taking on the iPhone itself, releasing its own phone to integrate with its software–rather than building it for Android as it has been up until now.

2. The Future Of Design According To 7 Web Visionaries

The Internet has changed dramatically over the last decade, and the next decade is forecasted to bring even more change with it. 9 of the most influential web visionaries share their thoughts and insights on the future of design and the Internet, and the technologies today that will make it big.

3. The 4 Things You’ll Have To Get Used To In iOS 10 (And How To Get Used To Them)

Along with the new iPhone &, Apple has updated its software once again, this time with many changes that are throwing people off and take some getting used to. Most of the changes have to do with the gestures we’ve all learned to use without thinking, like swiping up to take photos without unlocking your phone.

4. Instagram’s Drafts Feature Is Finally Open To Everyone

Originally open to only a small group of users for testing, Instagram has officially opened drafts to everyone, making it easy to prepare posts ahead of time. Social media managers everywhere are bound to appreciate this new feature.

5. LinkedIn Seeks More Usage By Members As It Rolls Out New Technology

With the aim to keep their 450 million members using the social network more often and longer, LinkedIn launched new features this week, including LinkedIn Learning to help professionals learn new skills to boost their careers.

6. Say Hello To Google Allo: A Smarter Messaging App

Google released a new messaging app called Allo this week. It functions much like any other popular messaging app, but you can also message with friends who haven’t downloaded the app through SMS text messaging. Allo also integrates Google Assistant and smart messaging for a better user experience. There is also an incognito messaging mode which allows you to chat with end-to-end encryption, although major concerns have been expressed over Google changing its original stance on the privacy of general messages within the new platform.

7. Facebook Adding Polls And Personal Payment Prompts To Messenger

Just after Google launched Allo, Facebook announced new AI features to its Messenger app–polling and personal payment prompts. Although not major changes, it goes to show that Facebook is committed to retain users by continually improving and adding to its features.

8. Facebook Enlists Developers To Outdo Snapchat’s Filters With Profile Expression Kit

Facebook has opened its Profile Expression Kit to all developers, allowing any independent app’s users to turn one of their creations into a Facebook profile pic or video. The benefit for developers is a shoutout on the Facebook timeline whenever someone uses their app to update their profile. Facebook profiles are the second most visited surface after the newsfeed, and the new feature will mutually benefit developers and Facebook–giving the former more exposure and allowing Facebook to stay at the top of its game in the world of filter-loving users.

9. Snapchat’s Mysterious ‘Snap To Unlock’ Ads Start To Pop Up

Snapchat is integrating QR code-like advertisements in the real world, allowing brands to reach customers offline with the lure of unlocking exclusive geofilters and animated lenses. Although they may seem inconsequential now, the snapcodes could become useful to marketers in measuring how well Snapchat campaigns perform–especially if they lead to sales.

10. This Is What It’s Like To Use The iPhone 7

The biggest changes? The lack of a headphone jack (which makes things like credit card readers, camera flashes, and other similar accessories difficult to use), the new non-button home button, two camera lenses on the back, and it is now water resistant (although you don’t want to go swimming with it).

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