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Stay up-to-date on the top tech news and trends each week with our Weekly Top 10 Tech. See something we missed? Tag @swebdevelopment on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s our top 10 for this week:

1. Tumblr Launches Live Video

Tumblr has thrown its hat into the live video game, but instead of creating its own streaming platform, it’s partnering with YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas, and Upclose. Once your accounts are connected to Tumblr, your followers will be notified of any live videos, and they’ll remain on your feed as video posts.

2. Google Has a New Symptom Search

Everyone’s done it, Googled some strange symptom only to end up thinking they have some life-threatening illness. Google has come up with a solution of sorts, partnering with Harvard and Mayo to create a smart symptom search engine.

3. Twitter is Ramping Up its Video Efforts

Twitter is rolling out a video-only section within its app, encouraging users to stay in the app longer by recommending additional videos. It’s also make changes to its video app Vine, now allowing 140 second videos, with the original 6 second video used as a trailer now. Monetizing Vine videos is another new feature to continue to attract and retain high profile users in the face of growing competition from Facebook Live and Snapchat.

4. How to Design Your Website for Better User Experience

In a world where attention spans are growing shorter each year, it’s important that your website captures your visitor’s attention and provides value. Here are 6 principles to follow to make them stick around longer.

5. Instagram hits 500 million users

With 95 million images and posts shared daily by 300 million daily active users, Instagram has achieved this milestone in just under 6 years–it took Facebook nearly 7 years to obtain the same number of users.

6. Instagram Adds New Customized Video Channels

Along with its growing user base, Instagram wants to encourage them to watch more video with its new recommended video channels based on each user’s favorite topics. Found in the explore section, customized channels will appear as “picked for you.”

7. Slack Adds Message Buttons to Integrate Outside Apps

Slack has partnered up with outside apps such as Trello, Kayak, and Abacus and integrated them into the Slack experience by providing a downloadable button so that users can benefit from partner apps without leaving Slack. Slack aims to be the hub for office teams, but instead of competing with outside apps, it explains that the integration will help increase the usage numbers of partner apps as well.

8. Google and Udacity Launch a New Android Programming Course for Beginners

Google aims to increase the pool of Android developers by launching its new Android Basics Nanodegree to help anyone learn how to program–no experience required. A free trial is available, with a monthly fee to continue the course afterwards.

9. Facebook Live grows up with two-person broadcasts and waiting rooms for viewers

Facebook pre-announced three new product updates to Facebook Live earlier this week. Soon, you’ll be able to do two-person remote broadcasts, pre-schedule streams, and broadcast with MSQRD’s face masks.

10. How the role of the homepage has changed

The homepage experience has evolved over the years, and your site needs to evolve with those changes–especially when fewer and fewer site visitors are coming directly through the front door of your site.

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