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You have seen hashtags floating around everywhere on social media. While this trend may have started on Facebook, it has begun flooding Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest , Google Plus and even text messages! So what are hashtags really and what do they do?

What are hashtags?

In a sense, hashtags are the next form of SEO (search engine optimization). They help users find relevant information on a topic they are interested in or  are searching for. They are also clickable, so if a user wants to find more related content, they are able to pull it with the touch of a finger making it much more accessible.

Why is wording so important?

 The thing about hashtags is that when you query a search, it will only pull up that exact hashtag. For example, if I include #entrepreneur into my post, and a user searches for #entrepreneurs, my post won’t pull up.

 So search before you post! 

Just do a quick search for any hashtag you are considering using. There are two main goals when it comes to using hashtags, to better define your brand and to increase your reach. By using very specific tags that are relevant to your brand, post or product, you are getting to your niche market and reinforcing your brand image. You can also incorporate broader hashtags to better grow your reach and potentially attract a new audience.  See which hashtags are trending and most likely to get a better response. Also, make sure they have the appropriate look and feel you are aiming for.

GrumpyCat Just take a look at our friend Grumpy Cat. He uses brand specific hashtags #GrumpyCat and #DailyGrump, but also uses a more general tag #Grumpy to make this post more easily accessible.

Don’t go #Crazy!

 That being said, don’t overdo it either. Hashtags should be used sparingly within posts. If you use too many, it looks messy, cluttered and has a spam feel to it. So keep it simple and pick a few that work best for that individual post.


On the flip side, you can use hashtags to see what is being said about you! Search for hashtags you think people might be using to talk about your brand or product and competitor brands and products. You can see how your brand is being perceived and get real feedback from consumers or potential consumers.

So take a stab at it and have fun hashtagging!

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