Twitter Launches Vine! Are Short Videos Popular?

One of the most popular social networks in the world has just acquired something new…new for them that is. Twitter introduces Vine.

Vine is described as “a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos.” How short? Six seconds short. Sit there and count to six and imagine what can be captured in six seconds.

To keep in line with their 140-character limit for text, Twitter looks to keep Vine videos short, precise, and fun with their six second limit. This is not an entirely new concept. Viddy currently allows for fifteen second clips to be uploaded to their network. Viddy has swelled enough in popularity that MTV has utilized their services for a series of video clips for the MTV Music Awards.

Twitter Launches Vine! Are Short Videos Popular featured images

Another example of a network that became popular, but ultimately closed down in 2010 was 12 Seconds. This network allowed for twelve second clips to be posted online and the community followed, viewed, and responded to the profiles they found interesting.

Vine piggybacks off the immense number of users that Twitter currently has. Unfortunately Vine has already experienced some bad press due to the six second porn videos posted on the network. It’s a new network, it will likely work out the kinks in the system as it starts to gain momentum, but how long will that take? In a recent article it was stated that Vine recently lost Apple’s Editors’ Choice designation because of the situation with inappropriate content.

But what we’re curious to see is how brands will ultimately harness six second videos to connect with their communities.

Hey, if Miller High Life can achieve success with their one second commercial spots during the Superbowl in 2009, then six seconds is more then enough. Time to put the creative hats on and get to filming!

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