Top Mobile Apps For This Years Graduating Class

Find yourself staring more at the screen in your hand then any other screen you interact with? It’s common now that mobile devices have access to messaging, news, video, and more. In our hands we carry the world. No one knows this better than our young adults that have grown up in an era where information is simply a few clicks away.

Marketers especially have a challenge in adapting their reach into the younger demographic. Because this generation is savvy in the digital space, traditional marketing efforts fall flat. It’s important for marketers to know where this market is spending their time and their money. It’s about going to them, and not expecting them to come to you.

The Social Times recently released an infographic (seen below) where they outline the apps that graduates from the class of 2015 are spending the most time. This bit of information serves as a great way for marketers to define where they will spend their dollars on engaging this audience, not just selling to them. There needs to be a bigger picture with this up and coming generation, it needs to be about the value exchange and the greater good, not just a company bottom line.


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