Top 5 Reasons We Love Twitter, And You Will Too!


Twitter is one of those long-standing social networks that has evolved and truly stood the test of time as other social networks have come and gone. The evolution has not come without growing pains. The company itself has had it’s up and downs both with employees and management. Still, its user base is very active and mainstream media has adopted it as part of news reports, film, and online celebrity battles. According to a recent article in Bloomberg, Twitter’s user base sits at about 310 million active users. This puts it behind other heavy hitters like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, but let’s not forget that every network has its purpose and its own sense of worth, so depending on what you need, Twitter is still considered “one of the big ones.”

Tweet Heat

reasons we love twitterWe’re big fans of Twitter, and still consider it a hot network, especially when looked at from a business perspective. The network is a gold mine for connecting to brands and industry leaders, news, competition updates, and trends across various industries. It’s knowing how to tap into this gushing waterfall of information and data that separates those who use Twitter to the fullest, and those who don’t. We have some top reasons why we love Twitter, and we know that you will too!

LIVE Video
Twitter has finally taken the step to merge Periscope with the timeline in such a way that users are now able to see LIVE recordings just by clicking the link and watching the video. Users are no longer taken to a separate window just to see the link they clicked on. This has resulted in increased use of Periscope for recordings as well as increased viewership and engagement. Twitter understood the importance of video and of reducing the barriers that existed for users to see it. If you’re not already using LIVE video to tell your brand’s story, be sure to read our thoughts on the live video streaming apps your brand should be using.

Customer Service
Very few brands have found a way to turn social media into the ultimate customer service channel. Many do try, some with moderate success, but there have been some real standouts in the past five years that warrant recognition. Companies like JetBlue, Nike, Comcast, and Whole Foods have all been used as case studies of companies that implemented a stellar social media customer service plan, primarily through Twitter. With the right set up, monitoring brand mentions–be they compliments or complaints–allows the brand to immediately respond and if necessary, take the conversation offline. The DM, known as the way to send private messages has become even more powerful now that company responses can include a Call to Action link that immediately takes them to a direct message exchange. This DM also removes the 140-character limit which allows someone to detail their issue without limitations, giving the company a full understanding of what the customer is going through. This really streamlines the entire process and can make customer service wins a more likely outcome.

Gif-y Explosion
The internet just loves animated gifs. Now you can make people laugh, break up a conversation, or make a statement with the ability to search for gifs directly from Twitter. The new button gives users a wide range of searchable gifs to punctuate their comments. After partnering with Giphy and Riffsy, Twitter can now allow you to mic drop with the best of them. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

First View Ads
Looking to sell a product or service, or announce a new one? Twitter offers the unique First View Ads that gives advertisers top placement for 24 hours, so when users open Twitter, their ad appears at the top (provided it’s the demographic you’re trying to reach). The ad is annotated as “Promoted,” but if you’re ad is catching enough, it could get some great traction in that first 24 hours. Unlike other channels where you simply pay for impressions or for a specific action, Twitter allows you to get that coveted top placement.

Latest News
Let’s all be honest about why we love Twitter. It has the latest breaking news, as it happens, from just about anywhere in the world. We always like to balance this with good personal investigation skills, rather than just taking everything reported at face value, but as a channel that alerts you to changes and events happening around the world, it sure does do it’s job. The media has already adopted the use of Twitter to report the news, and have also included it in their reports as they share what others are thinking on any given topic. Outside of the news, it’s also a great source for searching information as people are constantly sharing data and links to great content. For a company looking to leverage this aspect of the channel, follow others in your industry, including competitors, see what they are doing, how they do it, and reflect on what your own efforts are.

These are just some of the top reasons Twitter can be a powerful ally in your business efforts. Take a look at what you’re doing on Twitter and see if you’re already doing these things, if not, now is a great time to start. The platform will continue to change, grow, evolve, and as other networks pop up, it’s not surprising to see these changes make the network more competitive. Don’t be afraid to test, try new things, and develop approaches that work best for how you tell your brand’s story and communicate your message.

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