Stock Photos That Don’t Suck

You could be the best content creator in the world, and you could be a wordsmith that would put Tolstoy to shame. You could be the next Anderson Cooper, and build an amazing news blog from scratch, or you could be the next Perez Hilton, latching onto the greatest, most meaty gossip the world has to offer.

But let’s face it. If your photos suck, you’ve got nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Particularly the free stock photos.) Your credibility rides not only on your content, but on the quality of images you complement each entry with.

There are currently a lot of sites that are revamping their databases (like Getty), so to them, we say, “Well done.”

So before you pen that next gem of a post, do yourself a favor and buck up those stock photo-finding skills with some (FREE!) help from this amazing site we’ve discovered.

And for kicks ‘n’ giggles, let’s take a peek at a few of the worst stock photos we’ve seen thus far.

photo courtesy of stockimages

Is your pizza delivery guy ever this happy?

photo courtesy of ponsulak

Who doesn’t love a computer mouse made of grass?

photo courtesy of graur razvan ionut

Please tell us that’s shampoo. 

photo courtesy of renjith krishnan

If our dentists’ offices were this cool, we’d actually be excited about going.

photo courtesy of imagerymajestic

This guy REALLY wants to paint your walls.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.50.50 PM
photo courtesy of

Why is this even a thing? Why are there no photos of COOKED meat?

photo courtesy of artur84

The title of this one is “Stressed Casual Woman” … we just… we can’t even… whatever.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed these (courtesy of, but understand that photos like these are not ones you should use. Ever. In any context. (Unless you’re making fun of them like we are.)

Instead, visit here or here or here for good, free stock photos.

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