Snapchat Dominating Digital Space

Imagine capturing live in the moment content quickly, easily, and publishing it faster than you can fix a line of broken CSS code. The digital landscape is constantly looking for ways to be faster, better, and more effective. Streaming services were all the rage about five years ago, and while they still serve their purpose, it’s the immediacy of video apps like Vine, Instagram, Periscope, and now Snapchat that dominate our viewing time in any given day.

Dominate by how much? Snapchat alone is boasting 3x the amount of views since may to a total 6 billion. That’s a lot of zeros and and a lot of views. The appeal of Snapchat over its competitors is that it’s immediate, it’s in the moment, and then the content disappears into the void. This creates a sense of urgency to see what your favorite brands or those you are following are doing.

Much of the boost in our opinion also comes from a recent update where users no longer have to hold their thumb down on the content to view it, but instead simply tap to play and watch away. In an article from over the Summer, Gary Vaynerchuk said this small change would be groundbreaking and make a huge impact. With 6 billion views since may and content and views growing daily, I’d say that had a large part to play in what we’re seeing today.

Is Snapchat For You?

Snapchat is not just another platform that you should jump into. Like anything else you choose to represent your brand, what’s the purpose, ultimately the value. What are your followers going to get from following you on Snapchat? It’s not an easy thing to tackle, but rather, something that should be explored and researched. Grab yourself an account and start following some brands. Search online for lists of Snapchat users to follow and see how they are using them. While many brands are using them, they are using spokespeople from within the company that soon become familiar faces that fans can interact with.

Snapchat has proven itself with numerous brands for its ability to run contests, host daily or weekly segments, provide coupons and codes for exclusive content and so much more. Brands like Taco Bell offer up their “coloring book” for people to screenshot, color, and then submit to share with everyone.

Incorporating video, photo, and illustration (yes, imagine finger painting class mixed with emoji’s and that’s what you can do), was a win for a generation of digital natives that are looking for ways to customize, share, and document everything they do. It looks like brands are learning too.

There’s definitely something to be said about being on Snapchat. With 6 billion views alone, there’s a growing audience on there and chances are, if your target market is in those viewing videos, it’s a space you should highly consider.

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