Time Spent Managing Social Media

Managing social media
Managing social media can be a key component to business success, but how is it being managed?

If you are managing social media chances are it’s just one of your many tasks. You may post in the morning, attend to daily duties, check back in at lunch time, and maybe again before you leave the office. For some the extend those periods long past the office closing for the day. While some days are better than others, you likely are pulled in a thousand directions so social media may not necessarily get the attention it needs, or perhaps you’re investing time in the wrong areas. It happens a lot in smaller businesses and self-owned businesses as well.

In a recent article I read on the Bundlepost website, it pointed to a survey conducted to identify where marketers (of all various titles) spent their time on social media. While some of the numbers were not surprising what does surprise us the most is the number of marketers who are schedule 5+ days in a given week. While we don’t support a strategy that relies entirely on scheduled posts, it does show that marketers are conscious of the fact that they need to be active daily in order to be seen in the flood of messaging that consumers are bombarded with daily.

So what do you think? Do you find yourself in alignment with how those surveyed are managing social media?

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