When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Makes Sense

The ideal balance is an in-house marketing team working in tandem with a digital agency for your digital marketing efforts. The internal team would be able to set goals and then work with the agency to create an effective digital marketing strategy and execute your digital efforts. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, (proof: still no flying cars) so we’ve put together a list for when it makes sense to hire a digital agency:

When You Have Limited Resources

When your team is already working at or above capacity, it’s nearly impossible to take on new projects which will only further stretch your limited resources. It’s hard enough managing time to run a business, fulfill daily tasks, talk to client/customers, but executing an entire digital marketing strategy? Whoa!

If your budget allows for it, you may be considering hiring an entry level marketing coordinator. It’s in this instance that you should consider hiring an agency on an annual retainer for the same amount you would pay one new employee. This gives your business access to an entire team of individuals with a variety of skill sets – strategists, designers, developers, social media, project managers. That’s a lot of brains for your buck! The key is finding the strongest team for the budget you have, no matter the project.

When You Need A Partner

A knowledgeable, objective perspective is always useful when facing tough issues. Agencies specialize in taking on the goals that companies struggle to achieve. You are the expert at running your business, and we are the experts in what we do. We have years of experience in the digital arena, and we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.

Find an agency that aligns with your own mission and vision for a strong partnership. An agency’s years of marketing and branding experience will be infinitely valuable for setting goals, developing strategy, and executing the strategy. A good agency will involve you in all brainstorming and planning sessions because nobody knows your business like YOU!

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When You Want Accountability

You are the expert in your industry, we are the experts in ours. As the expert in your industry, it’s vital for you to communicate with the agency. Our job is to take your information, pair it with what we know, and ultimately provide you with measurable results.

It’s important that both parties remain accountable to one another. Without proper direction, it’s hard to hit the target, and without analysis of the results, it’s hard to determine if anything is working.

In our experience, as a digital marketing agency, working with clients like Ford Motor Company, Tupperware, CPS Energy, and Al Jazeera, the most important part of any digital project is the partnership between client and agency. It’s important for us to focus on the bottom line, deliver a fantastic product, and to be as invested in the journey as partners.

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