5 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Cover Photo


Putting your best foot forward is important both personally and professionally. If you had a brick and mortar business, the greeter, front desk, or information desk would be the first person to greet your customers as they came into your store. That first point of contact is what sets the impression and a customer will immediately decide if this is a place of business they will support. The digital space is a bit different, in that we don’t necessarily have “greeters” waiting in the wings when people come visit and view our social profiles. Instead we’re left to rely on a single image at the top that can make or break that first impression.

Facebook business pages are a great example of this scenario. Facebook allows businesses to include a large graphic at the top alongside the profile avatar and type of business you are. Too often we see businesses that don’t look at this opportunity as a way to give the best impression, and instead put a poorly designed graphic, or blurry photo in that space. If you think back to your own personal habits, do you tend to take a business page more seriously when you see a custom piece at the top or when you see a blurry photo with text overlay for no rhyme or reason? Chances are you’re likely to linger on the page with the custom design.

This is why we’re sharing the top ways to maximize your Facebook cover photo, which will hopefully give the best impression to visitors. These are not the only ways to make the most of your cover photo; there are always new and fun ways to make cover photos engaging and even interactive. Consider these ideas as a jump start to your own creative process.

5 Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Cover Photo

Customization across all your social profiles is highly recommended. The items listed below can all be used, or you can cherry pick which approach works best for you.

1. Feature An Event








If your brand is hosting online workshops, LIVE recordings, webinars, or anything that you’d like to invite your community to, this approach works best. When people visit your Facebook page they are immediately informed of an opportunity to connect with you even further. If you choose to run this as a page promotion, then not only are you pulling in new fans for your page, but you’re giving them useful information for them to participate further. All-in-all it’s a win-win for your brand. Don’t forget that those who sign-up for your online event get added to your marketing list, so you’re growing that as well.

2. A Direct Call To Action








It’s said that sometimes the best way to get something is to simply ask. What a novel idea! That’s what this approach does. You’ll notice that there’s a “value add” call to action where people are directed to click on a button with the downward facing arrow on the image. In this case, the brand is using not just the cover photo space to their advantage, but also the buttons that reside underneath the graphic. The button that is just below the arrow is what they want their visitors to click on in order to get the video they are promoting. Remember, sometimes what you do is not always obvious and this approach just might be what tips the scales for you.

3. Client Testimonial








If your brand takes pride in the service you provide to all of your customers, so much so that even the customers feel the need to leave glowing reviews and feedback, why not show it off? Many brands don’t always know what to do with the testimonials they receive from their clients. It’s not uncommon to hear that they simply go into a file somewhere and are left forgotten. Dust off those reviews and feature them on your Facebook cover photo. If you have enough you can do a weekly rotation or a bi-monthly rotation to keep things fresh. It’s a great way to show what others think of what you’re doing.

4. Be Seasonal








Don’t be afraid to show your support for the changing of seasons. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, the holidays, or any other time of year, a fun, clean graphic can go a long way. This all depends on the culture of your company. Some other ideas for seasonal images include your team in ugly sweaters for holiday parties, or maybe a shot of your team enjoying some time outside on a summer day. No matter what you do, just make sure the image is colorful and well done. This approach just simply shows that your brand is aware of the time of year everyone is enjoying.

5. Feature Your Fans








If you’re anything like Dunkin’ Donuts, you’ve got rabid fans. Dunkin’ benefits from the submission of user generated content in the form of selfies with the product. These photos are submitted en masse, and featured on Dunkin’s cover photos. It’s a great way to connect with the customer, but also a great way to get them to create content for your brand that can be multi-purposed for something else later. In the meantime you have customers who are checking back often to see if they are being featured, and that is a great way to drive people to your business page. When they go to the Facebook business page to see if their photo is up, chances are they will at least see the first two posts on the timeline and a high chance they will engage with them. This collateral benefit only further supports what you’re doing online.

We hope these tips get those creative ideas going. Coming up with powerful graphics and ideas and considering how they fit into the overall strategy for your brand is what our team loves to do.

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