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Every year San Antonio hosts a single day of giving for nonprofits throughout the city. This day of giving gives the community an opportunity to support the nonprofits of their choice. Known as the Big Give SA, it increases opportunities for nonprofits to connect with current supporters, receive new community support, receive matching gifts from business leaders and organizations, and encourage involvement from employees.

In 2014, Liftfund, then known as Accion Texas, participated in the Big Give SA and ended their one-day fundraising efforts with approximately 60 donors and approximately $4,000. LiftFund wanted to expand their efforts onto social media and increase their number of donors and overall amount raised. With the support of Facebook timeline posts, Facebook ads, Ustream live streaming, Meerkat interviews throughout the day, Twitter posts, and pre-recorded interviews with clients, LiftFund was able to increase the number of donors to 213 and raised a total of $18,000, once all matching amounts from the community was included.

LiftFund’s efforts to raise awareness of their mission and how the money is used to change lives and impact communities was successfully achieved by including social media into their fundraising strategy for the Big Give SA. LiftFund saw a 255% increase in donors and a 350% increase in the amount raised from the previous year.

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