Title of Job:
Social Media Account Coordinator

Position Description:
The Social Media Account Coordinator will implement a client’s social media strategy (as planned by the client, Project Manager and/or the Social Media Account Director), developing brand awareness, generating engagement, strategically expanding follower and friend base, and recommending new ideas based on community interest and suggestions.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
Works closely with Project Managers and the Social Media Account Director. The position requires a clear understanding of how to manage a social media campaign, as well as a deep knowledge of how digital/social media fits in the communications mix. Experience in blogging, social bookmarking, community outreach development and management, podcasting, video creation, SEO, social media analytics and other content creation needs are essential.

The position requires that ability to offer suggestions that will benefit the client. Suggestions on use of platforms as well as provide useful insight on the community being managed. The Social Media Account Coordinator must be willing to work independently and take direction to further the success of a client’s online presence.

The Social Media Account Coordinator is also responsible for leading and implementing targeted, transparent blogger/influencer outreach campaigns that strictly adhere to the WOM ethics and best practices. The Social Media Account Coordinator will work with the team to identify relevant and targeted influencers as well as the overall outreach strategy, and he or she will be responsible for outreach, coordination and reporting as it relates to overall client objectives.


Primary Objectives:

  • Provide day-to-day execution of client campaigns including (and not limited to) social media channel and community management, content creation, online events, etc
  • Work closely to ensure campaigns are on strategy, on time and on target
  • Serve as key day-to-day community and implementation along with Social Media Account Director for brands and troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Create weekly social media program status reports, along with the Social Media Account Director, detailing insights, popular content topics, and monitoring results; work with analytics and oversee preparation of metrics, tracking and activity reports as based on client reporting needs
  • Offer key insights for improving programs to enhance results
  • Understand basic research techniques and methodologies and use them to support development/execution of client campaigns
  • Research topics related to the latest industry happenings and be aware of new social tools and techniques, and their possible impact on improving a client’s campaign

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 1-to-3 years of dedicated digital experience at an agency or with an existing body of work that can be seen online
  • 1-3 years of copywriting experience (e.g blogging, email or social media copywriting.)
  • Passion for social media and community building online, including knowledge of social media platforms as well as tools of the trade
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of web site development and platform builds, search engine optimization and content creation fundamentals
  • Ability to understand social analytics
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, across multiple tasks
  • Knowledge of online tracking and monitoring tools and ability to search and find key content within social media
  • College degree preferred in liberal arts, journalism or new media

Please send your resume to Magaly Chocano to magaly@swebdevelopment.com .


Note: We are also hiring a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

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