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Sweb Hackathon Births SA Food Truck Finder

Picture this. You’re hungry, you’re tired of the same ole’ and you want to try something new. Now imagine that you’re one of many cities around the nation that has a food truck movement happening as part of their urban revitalization. Now what happens when you don’t know where to go? Chances are you’ll fall back into routine and go to a restaurant or fast food establishment that you always go to. Sound like fun?

No, didn’t think so.

The Sweb Development team took this very issue and created a solution for the citizens of San Antonio. Like many cities, the food truck movement has taken off and people are willing and wanting to explore the mobile culinary delights. With that in mind the team decided to focus their efforts on a one day hack event to build a product from the ground up. Now the citizens of San Antonio can use SA Food Truck Finder to find the food trucks in their city and pick the ones they want to try. It was an entire day of coding, designing, marketing ideas, fun, laughter and comraderie.

The end of the day resulted in a functional website and a web app. This allows for users across various platforms to access the app and find their favorite food trucks. Still to come is the iPhone and Android app to give a more native experience depending on the type of phone you have. The idea is to provide access across as many platforms as possible.

If you live in San Antonio or you’re just visiting, try a food truck. They are all over the city as individual trucks or located in parks, all ready to serve you.

Here are some photos of the Sweb team during the hack day. A huge thanks to Vanessa Velazquez who photographed the day’s events. They came out great!

Press Coverage

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